Any car, whether passenger or truck, factory production or a unique manual assembly, consists of three main parts: the body, chassis and engine.

The engine is the “heart” of the car, its main and most important part. In the cylinders of the engine, the combustion of fuel occurs, and the energy released thereby drives the pistons, which push the crankshaft, which in turn drives the wheels of the car.

The chassis of the car is a whole system that combines the mechanisms that transfer the energy of the engine to the drive wheels. The chassis consists of a transmission, running gear and control mechanisms.

The goal of the transmission is to transfer energy from the engine to the wheels. The transmission consists of a gearbox (sometimes mechanical and automatic – with automatic gear shifting without driver participation), a clutch, a half-axle and a differential.

The chassis of the car structurally resembles the platform on which the whole car stands. It consists of a frame, front and rear axles, suspensions and wheels.

Control mechanisms, as the name implies, are designed to control the car. These mechanisms include the steering (allows you to set the direction of the car) and the brake system (allows you to control the speed, to force the car to stop and keep the car in place).

In addition to all the mechanisms listed above, additional electrical equipment is installed in the cars, which helps to carry out and monitor the operation of the car, and also makes it more comfortable to be in the cabin.

The car body is a kind of shell in which the engine and other internal mechanisms of the car, the interior, the driver and passengers, as well as the transported goods are placed. The appearance of the car and the features of its model depend on the type of the body and its design features. For example, trucks have a driver’s cabin and, separately from it, a loading platform. In buses, the main part of the body space is occupied by the passenger compartment, and in cars, the body is also the basis for the installation of working mechanisms, space for cargo, the driver and passengers.